Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring in the new year - Give Away!

I love to read,
but I don't have a lot of time to read.
So when I find a book -
it has to be good!

I mean real good!

It's gotta hold my attention,
challenge me,
inspire me,
and bring me to my knees.

These two books have done 
just that -
Safely Home
Kisses from Katie!

so, I'd like to share them with you.

Just leave a comment and become a follower
and you'll be in our give-a-way!

I will draw 2 winners on 
Wednesday, Jan 4th 8pm CST.
I will place each entry in a basket for both books,
if you have read one and only want
to be in the drawing for one,
feel free to let me know.

Emails and FB enteries work too!


EJF said...

I loved Kisses from Katie. Incredible that a girl that young did so much and left comfort behind.

Adrienne said...

Love your blog - reflects your heart! You're so if these books inspired you, I'm sure I'd love to read them!

Katey said...

I'd love to read these books!

Sennie said...

I'd love to win a copy of Kisses from Katie (I already read the Alcorn's book). I have been following your blog through google reader without realizing I wasn't a follower yet - I guess?? Trying to become a follower, but nothing happens as I click on it. Will try again (and again:).

Courtney said...

I'm a follower!

Courtney said...

...and I would love to read either of these books! I love randy alcorn's stuff and have heard (of course) tons of people raving about Kisses from Katie. Either would be great reads for the new year!

one + one said...

I really want to read Kisses from Katie. Thanks for entering me! sb

Amy said...

I would love to read them both! What a fun way to share books!!:)

Mandie said...

I'm a follower! Haven't read either of them, would love to though.

Kim said...

I have read Kisses From Katie (and LOVED it) but would love to win the other one. :) I'm a follower. :)

Cari said...

I have just finished the Kisses from Katie! LOVED that book. I would like to be in the drawing for the other one by Randy Alcorn.

Sharon said...

I'd love to read either of those. Was just going to request Kisses from Katie from the library! Enter me please! :)


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