Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 years ago...

Sui Chun Yu
became more then a girl in China.

She became a daughter,
a sister,
a friend.


3 years ago today
we met our baby girl 
for the very first time!

Sui Chun Yu


Jorja Noelle Anderson

I'll never forget the feeling when we sat on the couch with our friend Rebecca,
waiting for Ms. Jorja!
There were other adoptive parents in the room but it seemed 
that time stood still when I saw
two ladies and a little girl came off the elevator.
They turned to another room away from us.

I told Rebecca,
"That is her!"

She said,
"No, your daughter is almost 5.
That little one is more like 2.
Look at her she's tiny."

I looked at Rebecca and said,
"Rebecca, that is my daughter. 
Please go check."

Sweet Rebecca went to check things out.
To her surprise 
that was Jorja!

What can I say - a momma knows!

our first meeting went incredibly well,
she cried a little bit -
until I pulled out the lollipops! 

She took a shining to Daddy right away!
And never wanted to leave his side!

What a blessing our little Jorja is! 


Cari said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! I just love thinking over the memories of seeing our children for the first time {face to face}!

Kim K. said...

Happy Adoption Anniversary!! Continued blessings!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Day to you all!


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