Friday, November 11, 2011

My heart is in Ethiopia: Part VI

The worries have become larger and larger -

 I have prayed and prayed for God to show himself 
to us and to take a way this burden -

But, for now -

Z still waits.

Hubby says "no, not now."
(I don't understand but I tell you this not to dis my hubby -
but I know there are other spouse's out there
feeling the same way about a specific child or 
just over adoption in general,
and I want to you to know that your not alone.)

I have to trust the fact that 

God loves my Z!
He loves Z more then I will ever comprehend.

Like I said at the beginning for this saga -
"It doesn't end the way I want it to."
But as I have been praying for God to show me 
the role I am to play in Z's life.

I know what I want,
I want Z to be my son,
I want to show him the love of a family,
I want him to feel secure,
I want him to learn to trust,
and love.

But I have to wait on the Lord
and what HE WANTS

 for now,
I have been honored with the role of 
 advocating for him. 

I want the best for Z!
I want to serve my God!

Please pray with me for Z!
Are you his mommy or daddy?

Please take the first step and pray!
If you'd like to hear more about Z,
I'd love to tell you more about sweet Z!
Ohhh how I wish I could show y'all a photo of him!


Dardi said...

I have nothing but respect for the fact that you are respecting your husband. I shared a similar experience, but our family was blessed through it! :)

EJF said...

Romans 8:26-27

Sharon said...

I have huge respect for you, too-and for even having peace enough to share it. Thank you!

Amy said...

IAN has posted a pic of two waiting boys on Rainbow Kids. I look at the two pics so much I finally copied them to my desk top. The two names begin with a Z and a T , adorable Jodi :) I hope they find a family soon!

Jodi said...

ohhhh my lands Amy - that is him! Ohhhhh sweet Z!!! Not my favorite photo of him - but it's beautiful! :)


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