Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Heart is in Ethiopia: Part V

Really -
when I began this story, 
I didn't think it was going to be this long.
But now, I'm sure you will agree,
this has been a long roller coaster ride!

As I looked back at my emails I was amazed to realize 
that the day I knew this other family would begin 
the adoption process,
and the next phone call I receivedfrom them
was only 10 days.

10 days! 
It seemed like months!
So many emotions, so much praying,
heartache but rejoicing that Z had a family.

The phone call I received from this special family
was them wanting to let us know that they would have
to slow down on their adoption process for Z.
They wanted to let us know that 
this special boy is their highest priority,
they would be honored and blessed to bring him home,
but because they are unable to get to him soon,
they wanted to let us know.

I cried for them.
They are having to let go of him -
like we had too. 

And again,
we wondered is this God telling us he is yours -
 "go get him!"


But we were still 23 days away from being able to 
begin our paperwork for another adoption.
And 116 days to be able to be matched with this sweetie. 

More praying and searching for what God wants us to do,
and what part does God want us to play in this little guys life.


Within the next 23 days we had our 3 month post placement
with our social worker.
We were able to ask her about the idea of us adopting Z.
In her wonderful, supportive true form -
she reminded us of the trials of bringing home an older child,
adding a child out of birth order,
adding another child to our very busy family!

But she was willing to support us whatever our decision would be.

After the 3 month wait,
we also spoke to our agency -
we really didn't want to begin paperwork if by the time we were able to
be "matched" with Z,
he may be "matched" with someone else.
Right now, we really aren't looking to adopt all 163 million orphans,
just Z.

A few weeks later,
our agency came back to tell us -
that they would be willing to "match" us in office with Z.
Kinda an unofficial match-
but no one else could be matched with him.

This is a huge blessing!

Let's get the paper work rolling

So we thought -
then the worries began to set in...

8 kids,
new vehicle,
daily expenses,
time for each child...

What should we do with these worries?
Are they legitimate concerns,
or Satan getting in the way?


Dardi said...

What an adventure! Funny how you're blogging in "parts"...I'm doing the same thing right now! It's hard, even then, to cover every aspect of the roller coaster ride. I told my husband that while it seems like a lot in each post, there's still so much more! Looking forward to reading more.

EJF said...

Sounds like God has held your little guy like He did our girls for us. We couldn't be matched with them when we saw them because of some health issues. I kept praying that if they were meant for us, that nobody would take them and 2 months later they were still waiting for us and we got matched. Praying for you and Z.

hollysue said...

I know the roller coaster feeling! I'm so nervous about the possibility of adding two, to make a total of four. I have the same concerns that you do, even down to the prospect of having to buy a bigger car. I don't have any advice, I just think it is interesting that no matter how many kids you have, it seems like there is some amount of anxiety and fear, each time you are looking at adding another one (or two).

Sharon said...

Truly an adventure. Thank you so much for sharing the ups and downs. Gods ways are mysterious to us at time, aren't they?! I'm learning (albeit slowly) to be obedient and keep on trusting and walking even when I have NO IDEA what He is doing. Oh me, of little faith.

Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness! What an adventure! Looking forward to following your journey. Lots of prayers coming your way from West MI.

Brad and Tara said...

JODI!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and your growing family!!!! I can't wait to see how the rest of "Z"'s story unfolds!!!!!!


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