Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I'm black"

The other day, Donovan, Elijah and I were in the car
coming home from his soccer game.

We were chatting about the colors of our shirts 
and other colors around us.

Donovan blurted out,
"I'm black."

without hesitation
I responded,
"yes, your shorts and socks are black."

D: "No Momma.
I'm black!"

Ohhhh - now I know what he means!
Honestly, I don't see my boys skin color when we are at home,
or just with family.
It's not that I want to ignore the fact that they are African,
or that I want to take that away from them.
It's 'cause they are my boys! 
They are our family!
They get praised for good choices,
they get time out for poor choices -
just like everyone else in the family. 

And we have never really discussed the color of their skin,
and the rest of the families skin. 
This may have been a mistake on our part.

The conversation continued...

D: "Mamma, I want to be white like you."

M: "Really?  That is funny - I wish I was darker like you."

Donovan laughed,
"We be happy with our color"
M: "Yes son,  you are right! 
We all need to be happy with our skin color!
Because God made us all special and has a special plan 
for all of us!"

D: "Jorj like her black hair?"
(He calls Jorja "George")
M: "Yes, I believe Jorja does like her black hair,
it's pretty isn't it?"
D: "Yes, it's black like mine.
Her skin no black like mine."
M: "Your right - her hair is black but her skin is tan."
D: "Jorj and Jailyn are Chinese,
Elijah and me are Africa."
M: "That's right!
And we are all American."

after a slight pause 
D: "I like America 
and America flag!" 
M: "Do you like living in America with your family?"
D: "Ohhh yes, Momma! 
I like MY America and MY family."


Kim K. said...

Sooo very precious.

Courtney said...

So precious. Your boys are cute!

Debi Jenkins said...

That's so sweet. You have such a wonderful family!

The Mom said...

test comment :-)

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

So sweet!

Alyson said...

Brought goose bumps! What a precious discussion, a precious boy, and an amazingly precious family!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that kid!! We need to get together to play again soon!

Kim said...

LOVE this!!


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