Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winding down

Our summer is winding down,
school is near -

11 days actually!

Our house is full of excitement,


new backpacks,

and back to school clothes.

Mom and Elijah will be the only ones
at home this year. 

I am excited for all my kids as they 
embark on this new school year,

the challenges and the accomplishments.

we have 11 more days of summer -
and we will use them to their fullest!


Sherri said...

the summer has flown by...Sam has been in school 4 days now, he started Monday the 8th.

loving the pool shots.

Kim K. said...

Squeeze in every last little bit of summer fun. I'm not ready for Josie to start kindergarten. She is, but I'm not...sigh.

Jean said...

I love summer and am sad to see it end! We are trying to make the most of it too- while we can!!

You have a beautiful family!!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Your last week of summer is our 2nd week of school! It's as routine as always after a few "getting back in the swing days"! Enjoy!


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