Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back seat driver

The last few days, while the big kids have been in school,
Elijah and I have spent most of our days 
running errands.

He is getting really good at knowing where our normal stops are-
grocery stores, post office, doctor's office,
soccer fields, gymnastics and 

the other day we were driving in town and I had to turn left,
he started yelling at me,
"fire truck! fire truck!"
I said,
He responded,
"that way!"
and pointed straight ahead.

He's right - the fire station is a few blocks straight ahead!

He amazes me with his sense of direction!

For eight weeks he (and brother) 
and been silent in the car, taking it all in.
I guess, Elijah is ready to speak up 
as he knows what he wants

and knows where to find it!

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