Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of school!

Sorry for the delay!

Donovan and Jailyn were given a little homework
prior to the first day!
I thought they were sooo cute -
I just had to share!

 My favorite - 
"I like to play with Conner.

 Jailyn wanted to say that she likes to play with her brothers and sisters,
but as she realized how much more writing that would be -
she opted for playing with my Daddy.

And on to the first day of school!

Brady our High School Senior
(I can't believe it!)

Kenzie - our High School sophomore - 
oh where does the time go?

Conner feeling comfortable with one year
of middle school under his belt
 7th grader now!

And our public school newbies!
With more excitement than should be allowed at 6:30am!

Jorja our big 1st grader!
Ready to rock-n-roll!

Jailyn ready to take the world by storm 
finally in Kindergarten!
She has been waiting for this day for EVER!!

 And our brave sweetie,
excited about his back pack 
and all his kindergarten supplies!
Can't wait to see our sweetie bloom! 

And our "wanna be big boy"!
Elijah and mommy will be hangin' together 
for the next two years before 
he goes to kindergarten!

Reports when they got home 
were good!
Only a few schedule changes needed for the high schoolers
but Conner, Jorja, Jailyn and Donovan 
all had wonderful things to say 
about their first day of school! 

Course, today -
2nd day of school - 
was a bit more less exciting!
Jailyn was up 30 minutes early -
ready to go,
Jorja followed soon in her
new dress that she had picked out yesterday afternoon.

not so much!
I think tonight he will believe me when I tell him 
that he needs to stop talking in bed 
and get some sleep!

And Conner kinda growled this morning -
as he got to football practice at 6:15am!


Naomi said...

These are wonderful! What a good boost for me to get in my teacher groove! I would love to know where you got the girls' shirts that say Kindergarten and First Grade! That is what I am teaching this year. The shirts are great, but I would do the world a favor and forego the zebra pants as part of my outfit! But of course the girls pull it off effortlessly!

So glad to read this!

Kim K. said...

We start back after Labor day. It's good to see that your kiddos aren't experiencing too many first day jitters. Beautiful pictures, Jodi.


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