Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is it really my friend?

Yesterday we a very exciting day for us! 

We were able to welcome home one of 
Donovan and Elijah's friends 
from Ethiopia!

  It was soooo cute!

At first they seemed to not believe their eyes.
They kept their distance.
It could have also been the paparazzi in attendance
to welcome home Liyon and Kidist!

(Baby Kidist was also adopted this trip -
but the babies are kept separate from the bigger kids,
so our boys don't remember her.)

 ohhh isn't she just beautiful!

After awhile, the boys began to relax
and Donovan and Liyon
began chatting in Amheric,
and chatting and chatting!

They shared with each other all about 
their tennis shoes.
Liyon's light up,
Donovan has shoe laces!

They chatted and giggled and mommas teared up! 

It was sooooo sweet!

Even in a crowded airport the boys found somewhere to climb,
and thankfully the airport personnel who we were next too -
didn't mind.

I just love this photo, as the boys look out of the airport window,
Donovan was talking to Liyon -

Donovan told me later that he told Liyon about 
swimming in a pool, 
and about eating ice cream.

Ohhh it was a special day and we can't wait to see them
again for a play date! 

Jailyn and Jorja were there to join in the fun -
they were so excited to meet Liyon!

And welcome him and his baby sister!

and Jailyn, well... she tried to sneak her little self in all the 
re-union photos!
(sorry Heather!) 


The Mom said...

I am SO PUMPED to read this post! Liyone was the first child we saw in Ethiopia. He was in the van with us on our first trip to the Care Center. SO HAPPY he is home!!!

Merrill said...

Oh, that's cool that they can still be friends now that they are home with their new families! They do look happy together!

Kim K. said...

I just love happy endings. What a beautiful post. Such beautiful children.

The Raudenbush Family said...

So neat! How wonderful for those kids to see each other again and be able to share all their American firsts in their home language and anticipate future play dates very very neat.

Amy said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Sunday Snapshot. Your kids are gorgeous! We have 2 and are waiting for our paper work to go to China for our Ji! Beautiful family, thanks for sharing!


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