Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 1

Since we were unable to blog while in Ethiopia I thought I would re-cap our experience 
in Ethiopia as we keep y'all update on our boys transition home -
so today we are celebrating Day 1 in Ethiopia and 
Day 1 in Texas!
Beware - these are long posts, but I don't want to forget anything!
And I hope this helps other adoptive families as they wait to bring their
treasures home!
We hope you enjoy our stories!

Day 1 in Ethiopia! 
On Sunday, June19th, we arrived in Addis Ababa an hour later 
then expected but didn't complain too much - 
we were just so ready to get off the plane!  
Unfortunately, we missed going to church with another adoptive family.  
We made it to the hotel hoping to spend a quiet day unpacking 
and getting things settled for the boys. 
Well, the rooms we requested would not be ready til Monday afternoon -
so there went that plan.
("so there went that plan" may become a common phrase as I share
our story of last week. :)

We got settled for the day and decided we would go out and explore and get some lunch.
  Well, on our way out we met some other adoptive families with our agency.  
They were heading over to the orphanage,
and invited us to go with.  

We couldn't resist!!!
Soooo - we skipped lunch and ran off with these families to see our boys!

As our van pulled into the compound I felt like I was home again! 
All the kids were running around to see what the van would bring them today. 
I saw Elijah from the backside and then I saw Donovan.  
Ohhhh  the tears began!  
They seemed shocked that I was there! 
After a few minutes of warming up to them - 
they were back to their goofy selves - feeling comfortable!

We played with them and their friends for a few hours.  
It was wonderful! I'd missed these kids soooo much!
And they had changed so much in 7 weeks! 

Some kids that we had met during our previous trip had
gone home with their adoptive parents -
it was good NOT see them. 
Joy filled my heart knowing that they were home being loved on. 

There are many new children, some are already matched with a family 
and some are still waiting for their paperwork 
to be ready to be placed with a family.  
But there are still the beautiful, waiting kids.

When it was time to leave, Donovan put up his emotional wall. 
I 'm sure he thought he was going home with us that night! 
It was horrible to leave them but, Jay and I truly needed some sleep!  
Neither of us had slept on the plane - and we were about to hit the wall.
Emotionally and physically exhausted we stayed at the hotel for dinner.  
And were in bed by 5pm.  
We were soooo thankful to sleep til 8:30am!  
See,  I told you we were exhausted!

Day 1 at home as a family!

Getting to bed late last night- 
and everyone slept in nicely!

The morning was a bit rough - 
the boys weren't sure what to expect and how things are done,
we really needed to get out of the house -
so after a stressful breakfast and lunch 
we went to our neighborhood pool! 

What a blessing this was!

Everyone had a great time!

Holding the boys in the pool was so fun!

They were singing songs in Amheric/English!
Too cute!

They were going a mile-a-minute!

In order to get them to leave the pool, hours later,
we promised cake and cookies from the night before. 
Elijah still didn't want to go -
but Donovan began singing the Sesame Street song.

"C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!
Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C!"

The afternoon consisted of playing with their toys,
coloring and just hanging together -
a bit more calmly then the morning.

 Dinner went great -
everyone was happy and ate up well!

My head had been hurting all day and 
suddenly turned into a migraine.
So off to bed I went -
Bryan and the kids played outside and met some neighbors!
Sounds like everything went well,
I'm so sad that I missed it,
but thankful to have had the rest and that the family 
had a great evening.

Getting ready for bed went great!
Donovan is amazing and learns quickly -
a new routine that he seems to be picking up very easily!
Elijah is learning by example and doing well also. 
Conner has been amazing! 
Even playing some things that he would rather not play.
Jorja and Jailyn are being wonderful big sisters!  

We can't wait for Kenzie to come home from camp on Monday!
(Brady will still be gone for a few weeks)

Ni Hao Yall


Amy said...

Congrats!! I just found your blog through Sunday Snapshot- I'll surely be following along from now on!! Beautiful family!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness! They are SO cute. I am very happy for you! I cried happy tears as I read. Praying that the transition will continue to go well! Love, Becky

Amie said...

LOVE the pics of the boys swimming. can't wait to hear more about the trip and how they are settling in!!!


Brooke said...

Oh. My. Gracious!!! So so so so so so (I could go on for a loooong while!!) AdOrAbLe!! You are one LUCKY Momma!!

Heather said...

Ahhh!!!! You make me cry at work reading your blog and seeing how happy they are!

Chris said...

Your sons are so cute!! Love their smiling faces!



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