Wednesday, June 1, 2011

see these two cuties?

This guy!

And this little guy!

Orphans no more!!!!
They are coming home!!!!

Ohhhh yeah!!!

We just got "clearance" from the US Embassy in Ethiopia!!

Thank you Jesus for moving mountains for our family!!!

Gotta get my head together!!!
and get to my boys!!!


Hicks Family said...

oh yeah! Now fly over those oceans and mountains and get your boy home!

Kim K. said...

Yippee!!!! I'm so happy for your family.

Shonni said...

YEA!!! Praise the LORD!!!!
I am so happy for ya’ll.
love you too!!

Anita said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!! You've had 2 perfectly wonderful Wednesdays my friend!! Thank you Jesus!! OK...details please. So what's it mean for ya???? LOL! Love ya'll!

Sherri said...

Praise God! That is just awesome news!! I'm so very happy for you!

DaysinFrisco said...

AMAZINGLY AWESOME is our Lord!!! SO excited for you all and can't wait to meet the boys!! Let us know how we can help . . .

Deb said...


Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath, Elijah and Hannah Grace said...

Praising Jesus!!! Congrats girl. Get those bags packed & go get them.

Sharon said...


Valerie said...

Oh my gosh! This is wonderful news.

When do you leave/return?

Are you going to have a welcome home party at a local meetig place or will that be too much for them/you?

I can't wait t see the whole gang together.

Love Valerie

The Mom said...

So excited for you! We ended up spending lots of time with your boys! They know us as their "neighbors"! :-) We have pictures and videos! When do you leave to go get them?


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