Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess who this week!

Another soccer injury!

But when a long weekend of soccer turns out like this!

The pain of the finger -
seems to not come into effect until the excitement of a 
BIG win comes down.
(the boys evened up the score in the last 2 minutes and
won in a shoot out!)

So now our family has 3 soccer injuries
Kenzie broke her collar bone during a game,
while we were on our way home from Ethiopia.
This is my second cast -
we will find out next week if we need more tests to done
and decide about surgery. 

And Conner - 
well, we think it's just jammed -
but very swollen and bruised!
(this photo looks like he is crying - 
but it's scraps from rough play with friends.)
Photographer Brady told us to look sad,
Kenzie just gave us her normal
"morning, I have to go to school look!"

Ohhh no!
Brady has a soccer tournament next weekend!


Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness. Enough injuries and broken bones!! Hugs to you ALL!!

Hicks Family said...

Thank goodness for insurance! Hope next weekend you can get by with no injuries, but i am not holding my breath:) Love to you and the family!

Anita said...

Oh you guys.....I hope your orthopedic doc appreciates all of your business! LOL!! LOVE the pic of the 3 of you, too!! Great idea momma! ;)


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