Thursday, June 9, 2011

In 8 days!

I think I need someone to pinch me!
Yesterday I was able to get some family meals made
and frozen because...

8 days from now
my brother, Jay, and I will be 
on our way to Ethiopia!

We will be spend Friday night in DC,
leave DC on Saturday and
arrive in Addis Ababa on Sunday morning.
Looks like we wont be able to go to our boys 
until Monday-
so Sunday we will spend prepare for them,
and take in some sights!
And to make things even sweeter we 
received these photos of our boys yesterday!

Ohhh I can't wait hold them!

This is the first photo taken from orphanage staff 
in which Donovan is smiling -
gotta love his tongue sticking out! 
He does that when he's truly happy or when 
he is concentrating on something.

Elijah cracks me up! 
This is also his "goofy" look.
They are so silly!

Babies, Momma's comin'!


Sherri said...

That is just the new photos of them. How long do you have to stay?

Kathy said...

SO very excited for you!!!!!!
Can't wait to see them with their
Momma and the rest of their
forever family!!!!!
Looking forward to following
your coming home journey!!
Praying you there and back!

Jodi said...

Sherri - we will be gone for a week! A quick trip seeing that we will be on a plane for 4 of those 7 days!

Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Let the countdown celebrations BEGIN!!

Amie said...


AHHHHHHH!!! You have NO idea how much joy seeing those sweet little faces brings me! I saw them on IAN's list, a while back. I requested their file because they stole my heart. But before the file got to me, God told me they were not mine. So I never even opended their files. I have been praying for them to find a family, and I pop on here and find out YOU are their mama?????????????


Can't wait to follow along! They are PRECIOUS!!!!


Brad and/or Bree Banks said...

LOVE these pictures of your precious boys! Can't wait to meet them and have our boys play with them! And I love the "match game" you made for them. What a creative mama you are!



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