Thursday, May 19, 2011

A momma knows!

Through our 17 1/2 years of parenting,
there have been many times that I have shared with my hubby concerns over our kids and their health, and learning styles.
It usually takes him a while to agree with me - 
but over the years he has learned that I am the one who is home all day with them,
and am the one who helps them with their homework 
(well, at least through elementary school - AP math is just too much for me some days!)

Well, we have another kiddo who is struggling with comprehension of simple sentences, instructions, reading...
I have been researching the symptoms and am wondering more about 
Auditory Processing Disorder.

If you know more about this disorder,
or if you child has been diagnosed with it -
I would love your help and would love to learn more
so I can help my beautiful child.


Kim K. said...

I just sent an email to my husband (the school social worker) who deals with Auditory Processing Disorder to see what resources he can share. With all the craziness today of Josie's dental procedures, I might not have anything right away, but I'll be sure to share things with you.

Hicks Family said...

An amazing Momma you are! Such a blessing!

Dee said...

We had Ev screened for a suspected hearing issue in the fall of last year. Shortly after she went to public school.
The tech there suggested that Ev might have an Auditory Processing disorder. She passed the hearing screening just fine. Which, I am glad we did, because we have no idea how many fevers etc. she had that went untreated that may have caused hearing damage.
But, since that time, I did not take her for the Auditory Processing screening. Since, well, number one, it was not covered by our insurance, and I was not totally sold on the concept. Not to say that it does not happen. I just was not sure. For Ev, i think it was more a language issue. because, the issues that I and her teacher were seeing are not occuring any longer.
I think that somehow sending to to a large noisy public school, brought back some issues from Suixi. She turned into the shy unresponsive little girl who lived at Suixi because she was unsure of what these women, the teachers, were going to do to her. Since she has become WAY more comfortable, she is doing just fine, and her teacher reports a change also.
So, we have explored this issue, and had a hard time to decide what to do next. I did take the wait and see for a while, and it worked out okay.
Hope this helps?


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