Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another step closer! UPDATE!

Yesterday we received a call from our 
adoption coordinator, 
they needed one more piece of paper work
to be signed and email to them,
and our paperwork would be going to Embassy today for the first look over and to be submitted for further review.
We should also hear today if there is more paperwork needed or if everything looks good 
and our file will be given a closer look over 
the next 72'ish hours. 

The words we are hoping and praying to hear in our next phone call are:

"You're submitted!"

and then the next phone call -

"You've cleared!"

After we have "cleared" Embassy we make an Embassy appointment date and book our airline tickets! 

Can't wait to hold my boys and not have to let go this time!

First I must say -
God is good all the time!

His timing is perfect!

We will wait on Him.

Unfortunately, our paperwork was not submitted to the Embassy today.
There was an error in our translation,
so that needs to be fixed and our agency staff in Ethiopia will try again next Wednesday.
This puts us off another week for travel. 

Yes, we are very sad, but we are also have peace 
that our boys are okay,
and we know that we will get to them soon!


Kim K. said...

I'll be on pins and needles anxiously awaiting the news. Thinking and praying for you and your boys.

Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath, Elijah and Hannah Grace said...

You are so right on God's timing being perfect. At least the staff found the error & not the US embassy. We had friends that had that happened (with another agency) which spurred their case to an investigation - it cost them MONTHS!!! I'll be praying you get submitted next week. You could still get in with us. Our date isn't until Tues June 7. It won't be long before you see those adorable boys again.
ps - I don't think I ever got to apologize for not saying goodbye in ET. When the emotions of leaving hit me, all I could do was think to get back in that van before I changed my mind. LOL

Anita said...

So glad you understand the Lord's waiting game and perfect timing plan that He has for all of us at different times. Not always fun for sure. Gotta chat soon again!! :) Love you and praying!

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

God's timing will be perfection. Blessings to you as you wait on it!


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