Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jailyn's BIG adventure

Last  night marked Jailyn's adventure into 

Our local school had their "Kindergarten Round-up".
All new Kindergartener's for the fall get to come see
the teachers, classrooms, friends!

It was a fun night,
a bit overwhelming at times,
but fun!
Examining the cubbies!

Conferencing with the Principal.

Exploring the pencil sharpener!

Experimenting with the Smart board!

And it wouldn't be complete without a mom and daughter celebration!

Can't believe my baby is going to Kindergarten!
We're so proud of you peanut!!


Alyson said... is she already going to be in kindergarten?!! What a precious little girl! Love 'watching' her examine each and every detail!!

Jay said...

Go Jailyn! I am so excited for you. I know you will love kindergarten. Did you save me some Cherry Berry yogurt?

Kim K. said...

Great minds think alike! I'll be sharing Josie's kindergarten round-up pics tomorrow! How exciting for Jailyn. I can't believe Josie is going to kindergarten...sigh.


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