Friday, March 4, 2011

Through rose colored glasses

Well, at least through glasses!

This weeks blog posts seem to have been all about Jailyn - 
so we might as well end the week the same way.

Notice something different?

(besides that huge smile!)

Something that has been missing on this sweet face for months?

She has been asking forever for these!

And along with her 4th pair of glasses -
come new rules.

- No taking them off at soccer games!
- No taking them off anywhere in the house other then mom's bathroom,
or kitchen!
-No taking them off at friends homes!

and hopefully sissy will help us keep track of this pair! 


Alyson said...

Oh my word, these girls are just so adorable!!! Love the new glasses, and I hope, for your wallet's sake, that these will stay around for awhile! I am so excited to hear that your boys are coming home in just months! I can hardly wait to see them! I'll be praying for you all over these next few months!

Jay said...

Yesterday Jailyn kept telling me she had glasses. I didn't understand how that was newsworthy. Thanks for clearing things up!

Kim K. said...

She looks absolutely adorable in those frames. Keeping my fingers crossed that they stick around for quite a while.


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