Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soccer stars First game of the season!

This past weekend was Jailyn's first soccer game!

She was sooo excited!!

And had such a fun time!!

She spent most of her time on the field cheering for her teammates, or chatting with the referee -
she had a great time!
(Jailyn was afraid that she would break her glasses so she took them off - 
needless to say, she will be wearing them for her next game! Tee! Hee!)


Jorja had her first game of the season too!
This is her second season playing!

And she was ready to give all she had!
She did a great job and is really coming along with her skills!
And being a team player!
And having fun!


Kim K. said...

What great action shots of your girls. You must be so proud.

Jay said...

Great photos! (Pretty great kids, too.)


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