Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ach'in adoption

Adoption is hard

Adoption is not for the weary

Adoption stretches your faith

Yesterday I got four shots in preparation for our trip to our boys,
but let me tell you -

I'm still a bit dizzy and nauseous, 
(maybe I should have eaten before I got them)
and I still have a headache.
I have a high pain tolerance but 
(my blog - I can whine)
my arm hurts!

But nothing compares to the hurting that 
over 147 million children experience every day!

News for Ethiopian adoptions have been a roller coaster -
government red tape has been daunting,
and with this people respond -
"well that's why people don't adopt - 
it's too hard"

I ask you -
which is harder:

Waiting another month to hold your child
being a child who will never be held?

(beautiful children in this post are waiting for their families to find them -

1 comment:

Hicks Family said...

Feeling your pain right along with you! I couldn"t move my arm for 2+ days.
See you in 6 weeks.


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