Saturday, February 12, 2011


I need a little blog help from y'all!

When I try to download photos -
I get a message saying that I've exceeded my quota
and I need to purchase more 
storage from Picaso.

Has anyone else run across this?

Just sayin' -
I got better ways to spend my money!

Remember - 


Kim K. said...

I did have to purchase more space...3 years of photos takes up alot of blog space. It wasn't that much. I think less than $10 and I'll be good for at least a few more years...especially if I do a better job of resizing my photos before I upload to blogger.

Kim K. said...

Another option, is to create an account with Photobucket and then upload your photos there and link back to blogger. I've done that but it's one extra step and sometimes if feels like it takes longer. Photobucket is a free storage solution up to a certain amount and then you have to pay. I use photobucket to host my blog background templates.

Jodi said...

Thank you Kim! That helps a lot!!

Alyson said...

I had to buy more space too. But it was only $5 for a whole year, so it was worth it to me. It did take about 24 hours to have it register on my account to be able to upload. Hope this helps! We definitely want to see more pics of the Anderson clan!!

Jodi said...

Thank you Alyson! I bit the bullet - and guess what it wasn't too hard! :) And it was minutes and all was solved!
Thanks for y'alls help!


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