Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little bit at a time!

When adopting internationally one holds dearly any information given to them.
I remember one man on our yahoo group for Jailyn had visited her orphanage and took a picture of Jailyn. 
His caption under her photo was -
"I don't know who's princess this is - but she has an amazing personality.  
She is adorable!"  
We held onto those words for months before we got finally hold our princess -
and that man was sooo right!

The other day we received the most precious information on our boys - 
their birth dates!
Well, at least the dates that the Regional government in Ethiopia gave to our boys.
We have been praying for months about their birthdays and what would be best for them for education. 

And needless to say God came through for us again!
 According to these birth certificates 
Donovan is not 5 years old yet!
(praying we will be able to celebrate his 5th birthday at home with him this summer)
and Elijah just turned 3, a few months ago.
The last birthday he will spend alone.

We are now praying that the Ethiopian courts will uphold these birth dates for our boys!
Praise God! 

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Kim K. said...

I pray that your boys are home before their birthdays too. Just think of the celebrations!!


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