Monday, February 21, 2011

kicking and screaming!

I have been waited down with unfinished projects!
I love crafting and painting 
anything with a hot glue gun!

But today,
I took the leap!
Kicking and screaming!

I have purged my "stuff".

So much of it has been sitting around waiting for me to 
work on.
But, really,
it's just getting in the way -
making me feel guilty that 
there are more projects that I haven't finished.

And when I take the time to loss myself in 
my crafting -
I feel guilty that I am not getting 
"mom" stuff done.

So for a bit more harmony 
in my home,
and in my mind -

I purged!

And am feeling very good!

I will miss my painting -
but with two more boys comin,
I'm not sure I will notice for a while. 

Hoping I can make a little sitting area in my room -
where I can get a little quiet time. 

1 comment:

Anita said...

I have GOT to laugh at this one. I have a bag of yarn that I kept for soooo long in hopes that just maybe I would remember how to crochet again. I may still have it on a shelf in the garage. I might be purging along with ya!! ;)


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