Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a slow learner!

But I am having fun!

Pretty blurry of Conner and the other team player,
but I like the intensity of Coach Richardo and our other team players in the background.

These feet are just too fast!

And time after time I miss the play and get a photo of the injury.
Don't worry, Conner was fine! 
Too much World Cup last year - "take a dive in the box" - go for the penalty kick!

One thing I have learned is that 
outdoor soccer 
easy to catch shots of then the crazy, fast paced indoor soccer.

The feet are a bit slower,
and there is no big wall to get in my way of a fun shot.

Awesome "header" placed directly to Conner's feet!

Working on more shots like this!

Any tips for this soccer mom would be greatly appreciated!

Speaking of photography -
My dear friend is having a wonderful raffle for this bad boy -
Make a donation to their adoption and get your name in a drawing for this!
See Connie's blog for more information

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Your action shots are incredible. It's so hard to capture such a quick moving game.

PS. I posted more cupcake ideas on the blog!


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