Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Our Chinese New Year celebration is usually pretty quiet,
(well, as quiet as can be with any celebration with this crew!)

Today I decided I wanted to make some new recipes.

Jorja and Jailyn are at a good age to share some cultural festivities with them.
So I put my best food forward to make Tea Eggs.
(Thanks to Connie for the recipe!)

The rest came from the nearby Chinese Restaurant!
(that's just how I roll!)

I think the girls liked this food best!
(again, my friend Kim's idea!)
Felt Broccoli, Spring Rolls, carton of noodles, and fortune cookies!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gung Hay Fat Cho!


Kim K. said...

Your tea eggs are fabulous and your felt food turned out wonderful. Have a splendid weekend!

connie said...

Don't you just love the tea eggs??? I need to make some this weekend!

Jodi said...

They were really good! Jorja loves them!!


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