Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Truly Blessed Tuesday: Strangers become friends

Tomorrow will be my fourth iron treatment.
I have been diagnosed with an iron deficiency,
and have been receiving iron by IV.

Though it's time consuming 
and not always pleasant,
as the iron makes me sick for the next 24 hours,
Time spent at my doctors office has been  -

I had four hours of quiet while I sat getting my IV.
I have been able to get some reading done.

even better - 
I have been able to make some new friends.

Sitting in a room where people are receiving chemotherapy treatments
I thought would be depressing.
I prayed that I would be able to encourage some of these people.

But, ya know -
these people fighting for their lives,
some have received bad blood reports
while we're all hooked up to our IV's,
have been encouraging to me.
I have had some very nice conversations with a few people 
who are there as often as I am.
I have gotten to know them a little bit,
and hear their family stories.

I have been Truly Blessed getting to know these people - 
I thank God for putting me in this office,
with these people.


Share with the rest of us how you have been Truly Blessed.
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and haven't had the extra time to take care of it yet)
Write your blessing as a comment or
leave your blog link!
Let's encourage one another!

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