Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Faces!

Our precious girls are full of
giggles today!

Do you know why? 

Cause their new shoes arrived yesterday!

And they squeak!!! 
(the shoes squeak!)

And squeak!!
(honestly, the girls squeak with joy too!)

And squeak!!
(lots of squeaking going on around here today!)

And we even got some for Donovan and Elijah!
What fun it will be when all four of our little
rug-rats are running around,

Check out the cute shoes on Connie's blog

They are just the cutest things ever! 
and the best thing is - 
the squeaky part comes out! 


Kim K. said...

How cool! I didn't even think squeaky shoes came in bigger sizes. Josie LOVED LOVED LOVED her Chinese squeaky shoes. I've saved them all and have them in my craft room. Your daughters are just beaming.

connie said...

Happy feet ~ beautiful girls! I call it the 'sanity factor' - that the squeakers come out :)
Love you!

Shonni said...

What cuties-the girls of course,
though the shoes are cute too!


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