Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How far?

How far will I obey God?

I have been struggling with what God may be asking of me,
does He just want me to become educated on a certain topic, 
or does He want action with this education?

Does He want action now?
Or is He just beginning His work in me and
will ask for action in the future?

Though some have told me that our family and adopting 
is living a radical life for Christ -
is this all that God is asking?

But, as we have grown as a family and
in Christ, 
we find ourselves more and more comfortable
bringing home another child or two.

But, what if a child has a situation that I am not 
familiar with?
Something that I have never dealt with?

I have the resources to learn, 
but am I willing to take them on myself?
and trust that God will take care of our present family?

It's easy to trust in the Lord with all your heart,
when I am comfortable with where He is asking me
to go and to take on.

But, what do I do now?
Please pray for us to see God's will for our future.

1 comment:

Anita said...

Very good questions Jodi!!! So many times when I know the Lord is impressing something on my heart I start out before HE has said GO!! :) So discerning WHEN is a HUGE step in the whole process. Praying that the Lord clearly defines all of your questions and that you sense Him saying how much HE loves you for being obedient! :) Hugs my friend!!


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