Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gotta share

I usually try not to tell long stories on here but I have to share this story with y'all!

It's a story from our concert last Friday night.  (which was awesome!)

As our concert began I was milling around trying to talk to everyone.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to everyone.  But at one point early into the evening - a teenager walked up to me and tapped me on the shoulder.  I looked up (cause most of the teenage age boys are now taller then me.) and screamed his name, "R".  He was a former student of mine, when I worked at our local elementary school.  I hadn't seen much of him through his middle school years and he is now in High school.  We had a nice chat about what he was up to and all that good stuff.

Some how we got pulled away from each other.

I had made my way over to our One Love t-shirt sale table.  My friend told me that this boy,R, had a shirt but will pay for it later in the week when he sees Brady at school.
Honestly, I thought, "Oh we'll never see that money.  But, that's okay - if R wants one, he can have one.  No big deal."

I had noticed that R had left the concert a while later, and thought I will need to fb him and let him know how great it was to see him.

Next thing I know, I get a tap on the shoulder again.  And I looked up and there is R.
"Hey, buddy."
He just looked at me with crumpled up money in his hand.
He handed it too me and said,
"Please just bring your sons up to the school during lunch hour so I can meet them."

My eyes filled up with tears.  And we hugged and hugged!

So sweet, this boy gets it!
Through the concert and love that was around him that night he was able to see the need for all of us to help the orphan.

I thank God that He was able to use our family in R's life.

Please continue to pray with us for R.  He has a hard time in school and doesn't have a great role-model.  We are praying that we can get him to join us for RUAH - youth group!


connie said...

Brings tears to my eyes how God uses the tender hearts of children!

Kim K. said...

You needed to post a tissue warning at the top of this post. Wow. What a beautiful story.

Anita said...

What an impact you've already had on this young man's life, Jodi, for him to be so responsive to you and God's direction for your family!! And how awesome to think he's hearing God's heart and responding to it too. Ya just never know how our obedience is touching the lives of others! :)


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