Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekend Movie

A few weekends ago Dad, Brady and Kenzie were out of town for a soccer tournament.  Conner, Jailyn, Jorja and I stayed home where Conner also participated in a soccer tournament.  Conner is my movie guy!  Since there were no good movies at the theater we decided to stop by our local movie store and get a few movies.  

I was so excited to see that they had To Save a Life.  I had wanted to see it when it was out in the theaters but didn't get a chance too.  When the big kids and Dad got home, we decided to watch the movie. 
It was great! We all enjoyed it and really took a look at ourselves and were convicted that we are not doing enough to help our neighbor.  And that we are truly not aware of those around us who are hurting.

Brady asked Thursday if he could invite some kids over on Friday night to watch the movie.  Of course!
So we stocked up on snacks and sodas, Brady cleaned the bathrooms!  And he welcomed 15 kids into our home!  Some kids I had met before, some I hadn't, some kids I knew were not Brady's favorite people - but he went out of his comfort zone to invite them.  At the end of the movie he summed up the movie in a devotional - asking their feelings, asking if they had ever felt that way, and challenging them to find someone at school who they can befriend, and show them Christ' love.
(yes, I eavesdropped - and had tears rolling down my face! Wow! It's so incredible to see a teenager searching after God's heart!)

Saturday came, and Kenzie invited her friends.  Conner had a friend and Brady had another friend who couldn't make it on Friday night!  What joy filled this momma's heart to see her kids take a stand for Christ and share their love with their friends!  

Plans are being made for another movie next month!  Do y'all have any suggestions for a good movie?

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Kim K. said...

I love seeing all those kids together. Blind Side is another one that really opened up Emma's eyes. We fast forwarded the scene when he goes back home because I wasn't sure she could handle it.


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