Friday, September 10, 2010

Tickeled Pink!

and blue!

I am sooo excited for my friend and her hubby!

We have known them for 6 years,
Alyson was Brady's 5th grade teacher.

Alyson always has a smile to share!

I met her husband at a baseball game and 
he was exactly the kinda guy Alyson 
would be married too! 

Well, they had pregnancy problem,
many miscarriages,
and one little guy, Jonathon, 
born in to heaven 2 years ago.

Through these hard times
Alyson and Justin have rested in the arms of God.
And they still are -
as they celebrate the arrival of their twin boys
They are adorable and two very lucky boys 
to have such wonderful parents! 

I have some other friends who are jumping into the 
world of IVF! 
and others who were able to conceive without a problem!
I just love when families are blessed with the 
most precious gift of children!

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