Saturday, September 25, 2010


My Angle Baby celebrated her first
High School Homecoming 
last night! 

Her boyfriend, Baxter,
dropped by Thursday night to give her 
the traditional Homecoming Mum
for her to wear during the school day!

(Unfortunately, Kenzie had a soccer game
on Thursday night - so poor, sweet Baxter
had to leave it on our porch -
so no pictures of the two kids!)

And then there was the football game!
Kenzie and her choir sang a few songs -
including the National Anthem -

(couldn't get any photos of that - 
too busy tearing up every time I hear the 
national anthem and think about the 
service men and women who would love
to be sitting at a high school football game,
but are giving their attention to keeping us safe!)

Kenzie of course was off and running with Baxter
and her other friends -so we enjoyed the game!
Conner had never been to a HS game before -
he really got into it!
And can't wait to be on the field!

Jorja L.O.V.E.D the cheerleaders!

and Jailyn,
in her natural state!

We had a great time!

The dance was after the football game -
Baxter promised that his dad would take a
photo of them for me.
The dress was casual, 
which is great for our budget!

They had a great time!
Great memories!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Very cute! Can't wait for the pic! OK -- it is just too funny about our 2 little "out of order" sets of girls. Alaina cannot keep her eyes off the cheerleaders and flag girls; Ally played with her DS or colored all night! The 4 of them would be best friends! How funny! We are at football games about every other Friday (whenever Doug/Sara's team is at "home"!)!!!

Jodi said...

Can the family come out with you in January? That would be sooooo cool!!! Miss you!

Kim K. said...

Can't wait to see the dance pic too. Such fun pics from the game.


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