Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another first!

When adopting Jorja as an older child there is sadness and grieving that every one of our family members has gone through.  We didn't get to hold her through the arrival of her first tooth.  We didn't get to see her toddle around the furniture as she learned to walk.  Even though Jorja has been home for 1 1/2 years we still think about this - especially when we go through her photo album.  She feels the loss of her baby stage too.  But, we do our best to highlight her life now,  rather then focus on the past. 

But the pride she had last night when the whole family joined her for her first soccer practice!
Her smile was sooooo big!!!

Though Daddy is not her coach, she accepted that news with a great attitude!
We are very happy with her coach - as his first 3 rules of practice are:
1) have fun 
2) listen to the coach 

Brady is Jorja's Asst. Coach!
Sweet brother!

Ohhh! How we love social time during  our 
water break!  
One of Jorja's teammates is an old friend from 
her kindergarten class last year. 
(her friend is also adopted, domestically)

Jorja makes up in speed 
what she hasn't been graced with in

We love that we can share these firsts  with her!
And celebrate the talented little girl that she 
is becoming!


Kim K. said...

How cool. You must all be so proud watching her on the field.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jorga. Have fun!



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