Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new look...

or a new way to look...

Both Jorja and Jailyn had appointments
with our wonderful eye Dr.
(if you click on "Dr." you will see 
superstar Jailyn on their website!)

This was Jorja's first eye exam.
She was so excited!
She loves any Dr!!
(even the dentist!)

And the results...
both girls were able to pick out a new 
Aren't they cute!!!
I hope Jailyn doesn't loose this pair!


Kim K. said...

How nice that your girls are tolerate of doctors. Josie had her eye exam this Monday but didn't come home with new accessories. Best wishes keeping track of eye glasses.

Jay said...

Lookin' good girls. Love the new look! And the picture on Dr. Alfieri's website is so great. What a rock star.


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