Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank you Teachers

To show Jailyn's teachers
a small bit of our appreciation,
we made these boards.

Thanks to two bloggy friends for their inspiration!
Shannon made a board like this 
but with their family values
(we so need to do this 
during the summer)
Kim is just sooooo crafty!
Kim has got me going on my crafting again!


Kim K. said...

What a cool idea for a teacher's gift. Awwww...thanks for the shout out too.

Christie said...

IRONIC. that's what this is...

I just started my Family Values canvas this week. I'm telling you, it's a small world. Not only that, but AB just bought me the same bike that Kim K. has.

This is getting weird! Ha!

Your boards are adorable - what a great gift for a teacher! My canvas is quite large, so it will fit lots of good "values" on it.


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