Monday, May 24, 2010

May Drama!

A post for Mimi!
Just to help Mimi catch up on this crazy month
that we have at this house -
and anyone else in my real life that
is wondering where I have been lately,

A lot of drama...
First musical for Conner!
He can't wait to get to Jr. High and begin
his thesbian training!

and choir concerts!
The last concert for Junior High for Kenz -
It was sooo fun!!

Not to mention kick ball games,

and soccer games,
(an exciting weekend!  And both our
our boys teams R.O.C.K.!!!)

and field trips,
(and more field trips this coming week!)

and father and son baseball games!

Not to mention old relationships rekindled! 

And adoption paperwork!

still need to fit grocery shopping in there somewhere!

Can't wait for the lazy days of summer!!!


Livin' out loud said...

Great pics! I am truly loving the blessings this time of year is bringing! It goes by too fast though...

Kim K. said...

I'm exhausted just seeing all your pics. Take care, friend. I'll be posting your outfit later this week. I'm going to make Josie model it. It's darling.

Shonni said...

I got tired reading how busy you are...LOL. Yes, grocery store - FOOD - is a must with so much activity.


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