Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday... "Mom"

The most interesting comment I 
have received since being an adoptive parent,
"Ohhh, how sweet!  She calls you mom"

I found this very humorous!
what else would Jailyn and Jorja call me?

Jorja has called me Mom, or Mama
since Dec 29, 2008.
The name "mom" has changed
definition within that time.

Mom -
a woman that brought me some fun things to play with,
and some pretty clothes.

Mom - 
a woman who always has a drink and snack for me.

Mom - 
a woman who makes me do things I don't want to do.

Mom -
a woman who I'm going to stay near 
so I don't get lost of forgotten.

Mom -  
a woman who loves me and 
I like her.
a woman who's lap I want to sit in, 
and arms I want to be cuddled in.
Lips that kiss me.
Love unconditionally! 

Though there are days that her insecurity shows,
I believe she has come to believe, 
not only in her head,
but also in her heart -
that Mom loves her 
and will be here for her!

Let the healing continue!
I am Truly Blessed to be honored to
call Jorja my daughter!


Truly Blessed Tuesday -
give credit where credit is due!

Share with us how God has blessed you!
Has he brought a special friend into your life,
has he supplied for your needs,
in what ways are you blessed?
Share your blessing as a comment or
make your own post on your blog,
and leave your link as a comment


Kim K. said...

I love LOVE LOVE this post. Beautifully written.

The Vest Nest said...

I agree with Kim K.!! How beautiful! I feel blessed everyday to be able to have that title and all that comes with it. You're such a wonderful mom and a great role model for others to look to! Love ya!

Christie said...

That was precious, Jodi


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