Wednesday, April 14, 2010


this girl needs help!

Every where we go,
all day long...
"Can I use your phone?"
"Can I play your games?"
I don't even have a cool phone -
and I don't have any fun aps!

 The scary thing is...
she knows more about cell phones 
then I do,
and many of the phone owners 
that she convinces that she needs to 
use their phones! 

One day she even took a picture
of daddy and 
sent it to him.
I didn't know about it until Bryan
got home from work and said he liked
the photo of Jorja.
"What?  I didn't send you a photo."

(Did I say, sometimes she forgets to ask 
if she can use my phone?)

She's addicted!!!
 But she is soooo cute!!


Kim K. said...

That's too darn funny and a tad bit scary (hee hee).

Jay said...

And her fingers fit the buttons!

connie said...

Too funny!!!!

Heather said...

Too cute!!


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