Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another day...

not going as planned!

Thursday night Conner had a soccer game,
in the last minutes of the game
he was tripped and went down 

Friday morning he still had symptoms of
a concussion.
After taking him to school,
chatting with all his teachers and 
making sure he would not participate
in any physical activity -
I left the school,
planning to get Bryan off to work,
and Jailyn and Jorja dressed 
ready for our busy day of 
running errands.

And then,
the call...

The school nurse's number showed up 
on my Caller ID.

Conner was not doing well -
so I sped back to the school,
checked him out and we rushed to the 

Definite Concussion,
No physical activity for 72 hours,
Conner is not a happy camper! 

But ohhhh,
he is loved!! 

Jailyn loved giving Conner this cuddle time!

The CT Scan scared the girls but
Conner did a great job.
Thankfully there is no bleeding,
or swelling,
and all looked good.
Just praying he heals quickly and 
is back to his ole' self soon!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

Oh my! I'm glad it wasn't worse. What a scare. May tomorrow be a stress-free blessed Easter.


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