Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

Brotherly love!

These two have not always been close,
but I am loving 
just sitting back and watching 
their friendship grow! 

Brady gets Conner off the couch and gets him
in the game of life,
Conner loves to make art projects for Brady.
He told me yesterday that he is making all these 
things for him because Brady will go to college
in a few years and he'll need 
something to decorate his dorm room. 

Truly Blessed Tuesday -
give credit where credit is due!

Share with us how God has blessed you!
Has he brought a special friend into your life,
has he supplied for your needs,
in what ways are you blessed?
Share your blessing as a comment or
make your own post on your blog,
and leave your link as a comment


Christie said...

Precious, Jodi...there's something about boys, isn't there?

茂一 said...
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