Monday, March 29, 2010

14 month ago...

Jorja entered our lives...
and her world was turned upside down.

Big Miss was full of emotions 
and attitude.
She had an incredibly difficult time 
accepting the fact that she had 
a mommy, daddy and an entire family
who wanted to love her 
and be here for her.

Soon after she came home we 
put her in pre-school for two mornings a week.
Part of this was for my sanity 
and part of it was to help Jorja 
 learn from others.
When I would try to sit with her and read
a book to her, 
I would either get hit with the book,
 or she would spit on me.
I truly believe that she thought story time
was a type of discipline.
Never having this type of quiet, 
one-on-one time 
was a new idea to her,
and she was determined to fight it
will all she had!
Though she was 5 years old,
our wonderful, local pre-school 
(that our 3 big kids attended)
took her in with open arms,
and added her into the 3 year old classroom.
This was a great fit for her -
as this was her developmental age.

Pre-school twice a week, 
and Sunday school once a week 
helped incredibly with Jorja's transition.
(It also helped that Jailyn was in SS with her)

14 months later - 
she still fights for her independence,
but not as often.
She still has fits and temper tantrums -
but more weekly rather then
hourly or daily.

She feels comfortable and confident at home,
and voices her opinion
with confidence.
But, when we are visiting new places,
or new homes,
I have to make sure I put my purse 
near the front door, 
or in sight of where Jorja will be.
She knows that I wont leave without my purse,
so if she can't see me - 
she looks for my purse.
A sense of calm over comes her.

She loves to snuggle and to give hugs 
and kisses! 
And is learning how to be part of
a family,
and how much her family wants to love on her! 


Kim K. said...

I think it's so important for adoptive families to be honest about the joy and the struggles throughout this process. Thank you for sharing. Jorja is such a beautiful little girl.

Shonni said...

It is so cool to read how the children are adjusting and becoming comfortable being loved!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Glad to hear how far she has come!! What a cutie she is!!


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