Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Dance

Kenzie had some of her friends over Friday evening
to get ready for their school dance!
Our friend, AnnaRe, came over to help 
the girls go their hair!

How fun!
Thank you AnnaRe, 
Kenzie would never have let me put hot rollers 
in her hair!

Though the other girls had brought their flat irons,
they all decided it would be fun to have curly hair
for this special night!

Jailyn and Jorja were big helpers too! 
Jorja was amazed by all the 
"girly" stuff!
Oh, she can't wait to grow up!

The Beauties!


Great memories!!
Of course, I wanted to cry as 
I watched them walk into the school!

Where does the time go!
So proud of the lady Kenzie is becoming -
and her choice in lovely friends!


Shonni said...

I can believe how "grown-up" they all look! What fun they must have had.

Jay said...

You are so beautiful, Mac. With or without curls!


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