Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

I love these new Tuesday posts! 
I love reminiscing on how good God is
and how He provides for us. 
When we began our first adoption,
we had first signed with agency "A".
We began our paperwork,
decided we wanted to go the Special Needs route,
got our home study done,
and began meeting people who were also 
in the process of adoption.

We met our friends, the Witt's. 
They were adopting a 5 year old girl from China
with agency "A" but had found
her on a Waiting Child list with Lifeline Children Services.
(We had never heard of this agency)
But I had to take a look.
The Witt's were able to get their daughter's paperwork
switched over to Agency "A"
without any problems.

The next Waiting Child List for Lifeline
came out and there 
where we found our Jailyn!

we were told that there were 3 families in line to 
look over her file. 
"I'll put you on the wait list - but... 
it doesn't look good."

We waited and waited 
weeks later - 
Karla called us and said,
"I can't believe I'm making this phone call -
but "Savannah" is still available."
(Savannah was the name the agency named her)
"Would you like me to put her on hold for you?"

I said,
"On hold - 'No'
We want her listed as 'matched'!"

That Monday we contacted agency "A" -
about exchanging paperwork with Lifeline  
and we received the answer,
"Last Friday afternoon we decided not to allow this anymore."

"What?   You've got to be kidding me!"

For three incredibly long days we thought we had 
lost our daughter! 

God showed mercy on us and -
Thankfully, Lifeline was willing to
work with us in order to get us to Jailyn! 

We have been incredibly thankful to Lifeline
for playing this huge part in getting us to our 
beautiful daughter! 

We also used Lifeline to be united with Jorja!
We learned a lot through this journey -
and am so thankful to God for 
bringing our girls home! 


Kim K. said...

I love Jailyn's story. We are also a family that switched from agency A to agency B to have our SN daughter. We weren't the only family interested in her, but she ended up being the ONE! I just love happy endings. Thank you for sharing your story.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I am RIGHT NOW emailing back and forth with a friend that has been LID for 31 months for NSN -- she has switched agencies to go SN and has a heart file in her hands and has to make a decision by Thurs!!! I have been emailing her tons of stuff - dr's emails that reviewed our "heart" files, etc. It's such a roller coaster!!!!

オテモヤン said...
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