Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Truly Blessed Tuesday

Have you ever had people enter your life,
out of the blue,
and you have an immediate connection?

These two beautiful people are just that!

We met them last fall as they moved 
to town,
we met them as we helped them unload their
belongings into their new apartment.

Chris was took the job of Director of Student Ministries
at our church.
We were so excited as we have High and Jr High students.

we didn't think the fit would be so amazing! 

Chris has become Brady's best friend.
Chris encourages Brady in his Christian walk,
and helping him learn that a Christian walk is a daily walk,
not just for Sunday.

Chris shares his biblical knowledge not only in
Bible Study, but how he carries himself too. 

And then there is Chris' wife:
Anna Marie!

What a gem!
Anna Marie has so many talents and she 
is willing to share them with teenage girls in anyway she can!
You may remember this post

I could go on and on about this adorable couple,
they have become so special to our family in a short time,
needless to say -

I am so thankful for Chris and Anna Marie,
as they followed God leading them cross the country,
to our church. 

Having y'all in our lives we feel Truly Blessed.
Thank you for making a difference in my kids lives!

Truly Blessed Tuesday -
give credit where credit is due!
Share with us how God has blessed you!
Has he brought a special friend into your life,
has he supplied for your needs,
in what ways are you blessed?
Share your blessing as a comment or
make your own post on your blog,
and leave your link as a comment.
(I'm having trouble with Mr. Linky)

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