Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The long wait...

Because adoption is usually a long process,
and children need a home and family,
parents yearn to hold their child(ren)...

this doesn't make the transition to parenthood 

Having fallen in love with my two girls 
half the world away, 
through a simple photograph 
and a few sentences describing their personalities...

when parent and child are finally united,

and life is not the incredible union described 
in the fairy tales.

That is okay!
This does not make one a horrible parent.
This doesn't make one a horrible child.
This doesn't mean God's hand was not 
involved in this union.

Adoption is a long road,
orphaned children have a lot of issues to
work through.

Adoptive parents have a lot of issues to 
work through.

Parenthood is difficult enough...
please allow adoptive parents, who are not 
experiencing a fairy tale adoption, 
to grieve some too -
the long wait, 
the decorating of a room,
preparing toys and clothing,
and all those child safe locks...

let these parents share their feelings without
feeling guilty,
listen without judging,

 love them -
so they can pass this love to their 


Anonymous said...

What a perfect post. How true it seems to everyone that once the baby is home everything will be great. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. I hope that more people will take your advice and just be there for their friends no matter what they are experiencing.

Shonni said...

Great post and so true.


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