Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A sweet little girl waits... UPDATED!

And her parents are making every attempt to get to her!!!
They have never held her,
never touched her,
never heard her cry,
never giggled with her -
but they love her with all their hearts!

(Look at that face - can you blame them?)

And they are working their tails off to get to her!
If you can help by purchasing one of their cool fund raiser t-shirts
or just donating to their adoption fund please do!
They are still short $2,000 and only have 48 hours left!

I know God will move mountains for this wonderful family
to bring their sweet girl home!

Go to their blog and see what t-shirts they have for you!

Can't wait for mine to get here!!!
Can't wait for Anton and Christie to get to her!
and isn't their little guy from Ethiopia adorable!

So excited!
I just received an email that my t-shirst are on their way!
Can't wait to wear them and
be reminded to pray for all the families who
are taking a huge leap of faith like Anton and Christie!


Christie said...

Thank you, my friend - this is so very kind...we are blessed!

BoufMom9 said...

How wonderful! What a beautiful and blessed family!


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