Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've got my girl!

... She's got her Daddy and Mommy!

...they have each other!

Jorja had an interesting day today.
We showed her the scrapbook from a year ago...

She remembered our guide Rebecca.
"She took lots of pictures of us!"

and one photo stood out to Jorja...

she gave me the look,
and asked... "where's that cute jacket"
(If you remember our begging for the jacket last year
you will find this humorous.)

I told her that daddy wouldn't let us buy it.
Well, when daddy came into the room this morning -
Jorja started in on him -
"Why you know buy me this pretty coat?"
Daddy laughed.
He said, "What - it doesn't even fit - it was too big."
Thinking that Jojra would agree - and be
fine with it...

But no,
Jorja replied,
"It's okay - it's pretty!"

Such a fashionista!!!

We had a lot of talks about China today -
at bedtime Jorja said,
"I happy you come get me in China"

I'm glad too Jorja!!
Love my baby!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Happy Gotcha Day to you all too! Alaina had a fun day - she even volunteered to say the prayer at dinner all by herself. Usually, we sing the prayer, but she said, "I will say words tonight"!

Amy in Arizona said...

I can't believe it's been a year! I remember the "coat!!" Too funny!! Great pictures of you and your Jorja!!

bugs parents said...

Hard to believe it's been a year. Jorja looks so happy in the pictures! (You do, too!)

What was life like without these precious ones in our families? We're so blessed to have each of them.


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