Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I learn from my kids... Conner J

As parents we are supposed to be the
ones that teach our kids.

oh how they teach me...

Conner J continues to teach me...

Many times we do need to look at things as
black and white,
right and wrong,
sometimes there is no gray area!

Get your emotions out!
Talk about it!
Have a hissy fit if need be!
Just get it out!
Keeping it bottled up inside is not a good thing!

Love my mommy!
Take time to cuddle with my family!
(okay, so we define "cuddle" a little different)

Enjoy the little things life has to offer!

Enjoy a good book at bed time.
(even if it does get you to stay up later then your supposed too.)

Look out for the underdog!

Be willing to grow and learn!

Want to be a better person!

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