Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"What about your bio kids?"

When asked how adopting Jailyn and Jorja
has effected our bio kids -
I must say...

our family has become a closer family unit.
The big kids are busy with their activities and
having the little girls really helps keep us grounded.

We find time for coloring,
reading bed time stories,
and doing
chalk drawings on the drive way.

I am a very proud mama when the big kids
take opportunities to teach the younger kids.

Brady is teaching the girls how to spell
in sign language!
Kenzie teaches them while drawing and coloring.
Conner teaches them the rules of the house,
and why they cannot run away from momma
in the parking lot.

It is amazing how they have treated Jailyn and Jorja
just like their sisters that they have known forever!
Maybe the wait period is a good thing for our big kids!

What most excites me is...

when the big kids talk about how many kids they
will have when they grow up -

they always say,
"I want X number of adopted kids,
and X number of biological kids."
(in that order)

1 comment:

Shonni said...

It is precious to see our children with each other isn't it!


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