Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh my dear!!!

While Kenzie and I went running errands yesterday.
No, didn't participate in "Black Friday" -
we didn't even get going until 10:30am.
Or major objectives were to get much needed haircuts
and Kenzie had to finish her
latest painting project at our
local pottery painting store.
We also had to stop by Target
and Walmart for a few things -
while out we add a stop for lunch
and to Kohl's and a quick run to Loews.

And more Christmas projects dancing
through our heads.

Well, I guess we took to long because
when we had gotten home,
this is the welcome we received...

Bryan and Brady were busy getting
Christmas decor boxes down from the attic,
Bryan decided this was the day
we would clean out the attic!
Though I do love these days that come too few
and far between when my hubby is
willing to throw something away...

but really today?

So Kenzie and I dug in to 23 totes/boxes
of children's clothing!

While Jorja's head was about to explode
from over stimulation of
soooooo many clothes!
Jorja was a willing participate when
asked to try some clothes on -
Jailyn took a bit more encouragement.

But, when Kenzie said the words,
"Fashion Show"
The girls giggles got louder and louder!
They were very modest changing in the bathroom
and coming out with some
of their outfits.
Trying on clothes way past their bed time!


We love hand-me overs!!!
We also had to take some time
to show the girls Kenzie's
portrait album to proof to them
that Kenzie once worn most
of these clothes.

And we were able to condense the
23 totes/boxes into


I hope my hubby is happy!
I know I am!
Now I can fit more things up there! :)

(Brady's not happy that he has to help Dad put them all back up.
Builds character boy!)

Now... off the the Christmas decorations!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Doug was out at 4:30 yest AM for Black Friday festivities. He came back by the house at 5:30'ish to get S and L... they were home by 8:30! I took S to our big mall last night and it was still a zoo! Fun - decorations are up and ready for Santa!

Jessica Hyles said...

Looks like a BLAST! A literal one that exploded in your living room!!

Love the kids showing off their "new" clothes. Cuties.

Keep in touch!

Christie said...

I'm impressed! Anton would love it if I just got rid of everything - but I just can't do it!!

You go girl!


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