Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas letters.. HELP!

I love receiving Christmas letters!
I love hearing parents brag on their kids
who have accomplished so much in the
previous year!
I love receiving photos of growing families!
I love hearing from people that I haven't heard
from since last years Christmas card.

Kenzie and I even made a new card
holder to display our received cards
in a very predominate place!


I confess...

I hate writing our letters!

Seems I have made a reputation for myself.
I'm not one who enjoys just writing a simple letter
about our past years vacations and such... do something creative...

but I am running out of ideas!

I have already gone through 2 ideas this year
and am still not happy with the end results.

If you have any suggestions, please help me!
True, I'm not totally creative on my own -
I am not too ashamed to copy!
I'd perfer to say that you will be
inspiring me!

Thanks for your inspirations!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I will have to mail you one we got. The mom is AMAZINGly creative. Her "letter" was a newsletter for TLC and they were the new feature network family show "Adam and Lee plus 3" since Jon and Kate are no longer. It's amazing. Last year she did an instruction guide for a Wii....

Anonymous said...



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